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Konstantin Benkovich

Konstantin Benkovich

1981, Volkhov

In 2021, he entered the Russian investment art rating 49ART. He is part of the list of the Best Russian contemporary artists (ARTEEX).

Street art artist, sculptor, graphic artist, author of public art. He graduated with honors from the St. Petersburg State Art and Industrial Academy named after Baron A. L. Stieglitz. As a sculptural material, he uses a reinforcing rod, and one of the main motifs in art for Konstantin Benkovich was the lattice. It turns to recognizable symbols of mass culture, destroying their original meanings through material, color, and modularity. The updated images take on a critical, political, and desacralized character. He is known for his interventions in urban space: a character made of rebar from the popular game Pac-Man, devouring the ruble (this object was reinforced by the artist next to the Sberbank logo on a St. Petersburg street in 2016, after the catastrophic collapse of the ruble), a flag ("No comments") on Millionnaya Street, installed in honor of the day of the Russian flag in the summer of 2019, as well as a mask ("Scream") at the scene of the murder of the politician Nemtsov in January 2019 in Moscow.

Konstantin Benkovich's works are in the collections of the country's leading museums, including the State Russian Museum.