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  1. The Rating 49ART is for informational purposes only. It expresses only opinion of the Rating Organizer Art-Rating AQ LLC on the level of investment attractiveness of works of contemporary artists and does not evaluate the work of artists in other aspects.
  2. The Rating 49ART doesn’t reflect investment priorities and it’s not considered as a recommendation for investment decisions.
  3. The Rating 49ART is based on subjective assessments of the Expert Committee members, and because of restrictions imposed by Rating Methodology, it does not pretend to objectivity and reliability of the results.
  4. All experts take part in the Expert Committee only in private capacity, without performing any executive functions.
  5. The Rating 49ART is not a consolidated expert opinion. Opinion of each expert, in general, may differ significantly from the final results of the Rating procedure. The Rating reflects only the opinion of the Rating Organizer. The Experts don’t assign a rating value, and they are not responsible for the results of rating.