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Russian Investment Art Rating 49ART presents outstanding contemporary Russian artists under the age of 50, highly evaluated by the expert community including museum specialists, art critics, curators, galerists etc.

Rating 49ART regards authors working in painting, graphics and sculpture techniques in a broad interpretation of these terms, as well as assemblies, installations, photography and video art.

The aim of the 49ART rating is the popularization of contemporary Russian art, the allocation of talented contemporary artists whose work has a high investment attractiveness according to the the rating organizer. Investment attractiveness within the rating methodology is formed on the basis of only two indicators: the age of the author (up to 50 years) and recognition of the author's work by the expert community that includes representatives of various art institutions.

49ART rating is based on individual expert reviews. The significance of the author's input in the contemporary art field, the artist's individuality, the level of performing skills, the originality of the author's creative manner, the author's reputation in the professional community, the potential for progress (including the evaluation of creative activity, etc.) are all subjects to assessment. Market characteristics of the author's work (number of works, sales costs, etc.) can not be in priority and can be taken into account only indirectly in expert assessments.

The result of the rating is the non-ranked list of authors who got the largest number of references (votes) in the expert assessments.

If the number of votes is equal, the final list includes all artists with an equal number of experts votes, which may lead to the increase of the total number of authors in the final list, in relation to the claimed 49 authors.

To be included in the final list the author needs to receive at least half of the votes from the total number of experts.

Authors of the 49ART Rating of the previous year are excluded from the current list only in case of reaching the age limit established by the rating rules.

Rating 49ART is a non-profit publicly available information product of the Rating Organizer and is not a consolidated assessment of experts.