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Where the dogs run

Where the dogs run

2000, Ekaterinburg

"Where the dogs run" is an art group formed in 2000 in Ekaterinburg. Members of the group: Alexey Korzukhin (1973, Sverdlovsk), Vladislav Bulatov (1975, Sverdlovsk), Natalia Grekhova (1976, Kamensk-Uralsky), Olga Inozemtseva (1977, Yalutorovsk).

The main direction of the group is technological art: media art, video installations and performances, as well as hybrids of these genres. Artists use digital prototyping, robotics, elements of industrial production (laser cutting, turning, milling, numerical program control) and various other technologies to create their work. At different times the programmers took part in the projects of the group: Sergey Mashkov (projects "Oracle 1", "Mars pipe", "Collector", "Robocadilo"), Ilya Shirshov (Oracle 1), Nexus, 144MLN (1.4, "Denis Perevalov (" Sediment "," Trialogue "," Fields 2.1 "," Faces of the Smell "," Pornopepedal Dreams, Dream No. 3 "), Vasily Kuznetsov (" Digitization of Water "), Nikolai Chetverkin (" Digitization of water 2.1 "). Scientific advisers of the group were: Sergei Leonidovich Nazarov (associate professor, leading engineer, department of electro-technology and electro-technological systems, UrFU), Viktor Vladimirovich Orlov (astronomer, leading researcher, professor of the Department of Celestial Mechanics of St. Petersburg State University, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics) Vladimir Georgievich Surdin (senior scientific employee of the State Automobile Inspectorate, Associate Professor of the Physics Department of Moscow State University), Vladimir Shur (Director of the UCCP SN, Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences).

Live and work in Ekaterinburg.