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BlueSoup Group

BlueSoup Group

1996, Moscow

BlueSoup group was founded in Moscow, Russia in 1996 by Alex Dobrov, Daniel Lebedev and Valery Patkonen. Since 2002 group works in cooperation with Alexander Lobanov. The group works in the genre of video art and computer animation.

Live and work in Moscow.

Site: http://www.bluesoup.ru/

Selected Exhibitions

2005 — Russia! Guggenheim museum. New York, USA

2006 — Russian Formalism Today/Art-Basel Miami-Beach. Miami, USA

2007 — Lake. XL Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2007 — Art Unlimited/Art Basel. Basel, Switzerland

2008 — Defence. XL Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2010 — Untitled. Stella Art Foundation. Moscow, Russia

2015 — «Hyperrealism». The State Tretyakov gallery. Moscow, Russia

2016 — Cascade. XL Gallery. Moscow, Russia