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David Ter-Oganyan

David Ter-Oganyan

1981, Rostov-on-Don

David was born in 1981 in Rostov-on-Don, in the artist Avdey Ter-Oganyan’s family. In the early 1990s David moved to Moscow after his father. Studied at Avdey Ter-Oganyan's School of Contemporary Art. In 1997 - 2002 he was a member of the “Radek” art group. From 1997 to 1999 attended seminars of the prominent Russian artist Anatoly Osmolovsky. David participated in his campaign “Against all parties” and actions “Barricade” and “Mausoleum”. In 2004 Ter-Oganyan became the winner of the first Russian national contemporary art award “Black Square” with his series of abstract works “Operation”. In 2005 he participated in the 32nd Parisian Fair of Contemporary Art “FIAC” with the project “This is not bombs”. In 2011 he became the first Russian artist to receive the Henkel Art Award.

David took part in many group exhibitions, including: ”Ostalgia” (New Museum, New York), “Modernicon” (Venice), the 10th Istanbul Biennale, the “MANIFESTA 4” Biennale (Frankfurt), the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, “Angry Birds” (Museum of Contemporary Art, Warsaw).

Personal exhibitions of the artist were held in the Multimedia Art Museum (Moscow), in the Museum of Modern Art MUMOK (Vienna, Austria).

The works of David Ter-Oganyan are in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), Moscow Multimedia Art Museum, the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), the Warsaw Museum of Modern Art, in private collections in Russia and Europe.

Lives and works in Moscow.

Photos of the works are provided by Anna Nova Gallery.

Selected Exhibitions

2002 — Amelioration. Klyazminskoe reservoir holiday house. Mytishchi district, Moscow region, Russia

2002 — Made in France. A. Sakharov Museum. Moscow, Russia

2002 — 100% vision. Regina Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2002 — Instead of art. Zverev Center for Contemporary Art. Moscow, Russia

2002 — MANIFESTA 4. Frankfurt, Germany

2003 — Yesterday's news., Styk, Festival Moscow, Russia

2003 — Stop! Who goes there?. NCCA. Moscow, Russia

2004 — Kultura. RadekDisplay Gallery. Prague, the Czech Republic

2004 — tomu ver ty…. Bratislava, Slovakia

2005 — Portrait of the face. M'Ars center for contemporary art. Moscow, Russia

2005 — 1st Moscow Biennale (the main project). Former Museum of Lenin. Moscow, Russia

2006 — Modus R: Russian Formalism Today. Newton Building. Miami, the USA

2006 — 8=8. L-Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2006 — Gate keepers of new. Budapest, Hungary

2006 — Chzechpoint. Prague, the Czech Republic

2006 — Bang-bang. Saint Etienne, France

2007 — 14 group photos. Gallery Reflex, ArtStrelka. Moscow, Russia

2007 — Marriage. M'Ars Center for Contemporary Art. Moscow, Russia

2007 — The 10th Istanbul Biennale. Warehouse No. 3. Istanbul, Turkey

2007 — Progressive nostalgia. CI Luigi Pecchi. Prato, Italy

2007 — Good, bad, evil. Stella Art Foundation. Moscow, Russia

2007 — The Return of Memory. Kumu, Tallinn, Estonia

2007 — Witnesses of the impossible. Moscow Center for the Arts. Moscow, Russia

2008 — Struggle for the Banner. New Manezh. Moscow, Russia

2008 — Young, aggressive. University of Musashino Arts. Tokyo, Japan

2009 — Russian Lettrism. Central House of Artists. Moscow, Russia

2009 — Moskvapolis. Perm Museum of Contemporary Art. Perm, Russia

2009 — Mausoleum of rebellion. Stella Art Foundation. Moscow, Russia

2009 — Get Connected. The Artist's House. Vienna, Austria

2009 — City of winners. Gallery Victoria. Samara, Russia

2009 — The conquered city. Regina Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2010 — Ultimate / Concrete (New Canon). PERMM. Perm, Russia

2010 — WC. Alternative program Cosmoscow. Red October. Moscow, Russia

2010 — Drawing spaces. Russian Academy of Arts. Moscow, Russia

2010 — Modernikon. The Sandretto Re Reubaudeno Foundation. Turin, Italy

2010 — Tape It. Center for Contemporary Art OUI. Grenoble, France

2010 — Conceptualism: Here and There. South-Russian Biennale. Rostov-on-Don, Russia

2011 — On. Off. Arthouse. Moscow, Russia

2011 — Audience Moscow. White Chambers. Moscow, Russia

2011 — The Ostalgia. New Museum. New York, the USA

2011 — Modernikon. The palace of Caza dei Tri-Ochi. Venice, Italy

2011 — Training Alarm. Knoll Galerie, Viennafair. Vienna, Austria

2012 — Things, words and consequences. Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Moscow, Russia

2012 — Highway of Enthusiasts. The palace of Caza dei Tri-Ochi. Venice, Italy

2012 — Warehouse of Contemporary Art. Workshop of Zh. Kadyrova. Kiev, Ukraine

2012 — Happiness / Warm trunk. Loft Rizzordi. Saint Petersburg, Russia

2012 — Angry Birds. Museum of Contemporary Art. Warsaw, Poland

2012 — Without the title. Nabokov and Co. Moscow, Russia

2012 — Génération P. City Hall of Le Kremlin-Bicêtre (near Paris), France

2013 — Nothing of the kind. Gallery Victoria. Samara, Russia

2013 — Draw. Anna Nova Gallery. Saint Petersburg, Russia

2013 — Nothing of the kind. Museum of Moscow, Provision warehouses. Moscow, Russia

2013 — Punkt bez JA. Gallery Arsenal. Bialystok, Poland

2013 — Side Effects. EKKM. Tallinn, Estonia

2013 — In the Heart of the Country. Museum of Contemporary Art. Warsaw, Poland

2013 — Coordinate system. Ermilov-Center. Kharkov, Ukraine

2014 — Backstage. Open studio. Moscow, Russia

2014 — The shadow of doubt. Center for Contemporary Art Garage. Moscow, Russia

2014 — Actual drawing. Russian Museum. Saint Petersburg, Russia