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Ivan Plusch

Ivan Plusch

1981, Leningrad

In 2009 graduated from the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design. In 2010 and 2013 he studied at the Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris. In 2013 won the “TOP 50 Sobaka.Ru” award (St. Petersburg), “Innovation” award (Moscow) and was nominated for the “Kuryokhin prize”. In 2014 he was a nominee of STRABAG art award international.

His works are in the collections of the Hermitage (St. Petersburg), the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow), the National Center for Contemporary Art (Moscow), Fondazione la Triennale di Milano (Milan), KUNST IM ROHNERHAUS (Austria), as well as in private collections In Russia, Latvia, the UK, France, Germany, Austria, South Korea and the USA.

Lives and works in Saint-Petersburg.

Photos of the works are presented by Anna Nova Gallery and GridchinHall.

Selected Exhibitions


2010 — Ideal Emission. XL Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2010 — News. Orel Art Gallery. Paris, France

2011 — Before the rooster crows. Guelman Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2011 — Shibari Translation Orel Art Gallery. Paris, France

2012 — Process of Passing-3. Anna Nova Gallery. Saint Petersburg, Russia

2012 — Process of Passing. The 2nd Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art. Ekaterinburg, Russia

2013 — Relocation. Anikushin museum. Saint Petersburg, Russia

2014 — Inside Rooms. Anna Nova Gallery. Saint Petersburg, Russia

2014 — Process of passing. Manifesta 10 Parallel Program. First Cadets' Corpus. Saint Petersburg, Russia

2014 — Illusions are scarier than reality. Gridchinhall. Moscow, Russia

2014 — Figurative breakdown. RX Gallery. Paris, France

2015 — Have a good rest. Dukley European Art Community. Podgorica, Montenegro

2015 — Strange / Private. Iragui Galerie. Moscow, Russia

2016 — The No-Character Play. Halcyon Gallery. London, the UK

2016 — 'On the verge. UVG Art Gallery. Budapest, Hungary

2016 — Between. Deborah Colton Gallery. Houston, the USA


2008 — Invasion-evasion. Baibakov projects. Moscow, Russia

2008 — The next of Russian today. LOOP Gallery. Seoul, the Republic of Korea

2009 — Good news. Orel Art Gallery. London, the UK

2009 — Bjcem Association. 14th biennale of young artists from Europe and the Mediterranean. Macedonia

2010 — La scène Russe contemporaine. Espace Art et Liberté à Charenton- le-Pont. Paris, France

2010 — Vis-à-vis. Ecole des Beaux Arts. Lyon, France

2010 — Workers and Phylosophers. Russia-France. Skolkovo, Moscow, Russia

2010 — Ideal radiation. Sky in art. The State Russian Museum. Saint Petersburg, Russia

2010 — Futurologia/Russian utopia. Garage center for contemporary art. Moscow, Russia

2011 — ArtisArtisArt. Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Moscow, Russia

2011 — Biennale d'art contemporain. Lyon, France

2011 — In depth. Krasnoyarsk Biennale of Contemporary Art. Krasnoyarsk, Russia

2011 — Gates and doors. The Russian Museum. Saint Petersburg, Russia

2011 — New sculpture. New Museum. Saint Petersburg, Russia

2012 — Anonimous. Museum of Contemporary Art. Moscow, Russia

2012 — From production to product. 2nd Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art. Ekaterinburg, Russia

2012 — Mirror, mirror on the wall... Orel Art Gallery. Paris, France

2013 — The department of labor and employment. 5th Moscow Biennale. The State Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val. Moscow, Russia

2013 — Russia XXI. Museum Beelden aan Zee. Den Haag, The Netherlands

2014 — Triumph of fun. Main project of Moscow biennale. Museum of Moscow. Moscow, Russia

2014 — Season of wins! Installation ‘Forward in the past’. Moscow exhibition hall Manege. Moscow, Russia

2015 — Cinematic Senses. Exhibition Laboratory. Helsinki, Finland

2015 — 56th La Biennale di Venezia, GLASSTRESS 2015 GOTIKA. Venice, Italy

2017 — Nepokorennye Prospect. In terms of the Parallel Program of the 7th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art. Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Moscow, Russia


2013 — Laureate of Sobaka TOP 50. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2013 — Laureate of Innovation. National Center of Contemporary Art. Moscow, Russia

2013 — Laureate of the Kuryokhin prize. Saint Petersburg, Russia

2014 — Nominee of STRABAG art award international


2012 — Vienna Art Fair 2012. Vienna, Austria