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Ivan Novikov

Ivan Novikov

1990, Moscow

In 2014 graduated from the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I.Surikov and from the “Base” institute. Ivan participated in the first and the second Biennale of Young Artists “Stop! Who goes there?”, he also took part in the project “Inverted Basket” at the Pop/ off/ art gallery and MANIFESTA 10 in St. Petersburg.

Lives and works in Moscow.

Photos of the works are provided by pop/off/art gallery.

Selected Exhibitions

2008 — The project ‘No jury, no prize’. The First Moscow International Biennale of Young Art ‘Stop! Who goes there?’. Moscow, Russia

2010 — SvobodaVolya (FreedomWill). The 2nd Moscow International Biennale of Young Art ‘Stop! Who goes there?’. Moscow, Russia

2010 — Russia

2011 — Reactualization of the sign. On Vspolny gallery. Moscow, Russia

2011 — Parallel Process. Moscow House of Artists. Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale. Krasnoyarsk, Russia

2011 — Choose with your heart. Shiryaev Biennale. Krasnoyarsk Art Museum. Krasnoyarsk, Russia

2011 — Auditorium Moscow. Sketch of public space. White Chambers. Moscow, Russia

2011 — The Chinese Wall. 11 rooms Gallery. Samara, Russia

2011 — Why? Start space, Winzavod. Moscow, Russia

2012 — The 2nd Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art. Ekaterinburg, Russia

2012 — -Sorry, let me try next time? Art.ru agency. Moscow, Russia

2012 — Art for Fake. К35 Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2012 — REPAIR. The ROT project. Kassel, Germany

2013 — Baza (Base). The State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2013 — Why do we go to see exhibitions. Multimedia Art Museum. Moscow, Russia

2013 — Before the paradise. Sokol center for contemporary art. Moscow, Russia

2013 — Nothing of a kind. Museum of Moscow. Moscow, Russia

2013 — Stability. Ghosts. Random Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2013 — Our case. Fabrika Project. Moscow, Russia

2013 — Umwelt. Komnata Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2014 — There… where we do not exist. Garage Center for Contemporary Art. Moscow, Russia

2014 — Painting of Expansion. Museum of Moscow. Moscow, Russia

2014 — Taint. GRAD Gallery. London, the UK

2014 — Generation START. The first cadet corps. The parallel program MANIFESTA 10. Saint Petersburg, Russia

2014 — If only. Divnogorye Museum-Reserve. Voronezh Region, Russia, Russia

2014 — Surgery. Ekaterina Cultural Foundation. Moscow, Russia

2014 — Ever-living corpse. SRC Winery. Moscow, Russia

2015 — Inverted basket. pop / off / art gallery. Moscow, Russia

2016 — Sensual experiences. Institute of Contemporary Art Garage. New Holland, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2017 — Triennial of Russian Comtemporary Art. Garage. Moscow, Russia