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Alexey Kallima

Alexey Kallima

1969, Grozny

The painter was born in 1969 in Grozny. He studied painting at the Krasnodar University of Art. Since 2001 he curates the “France” gallery. Lives and works in Moscow. Participant of the Venice Biennale (2009, 1995), of the special projects of the first and the second Moscow Biennale (2005, 2007) and of the Europalia Arts Festival (2005). In 2005 received the “Innovation” award in the nomination “For the best work of art” for the work “Terek-Chelsea”. Personal exhibitions of Alexey Kallima were held in Russia, Europe and the USA.

Lives and works in Moscow.

Photos of the works are provided by Regina Gallery.

Selected Exhibitions

1992 — Painting and Works on Paper. Zakharov Museum. Grozny, Russia

2001 — Chechens. Art Moscow, The Central House of Artists. Moscow, Russia

2001 — You Are Where You Are Absent (happening). France Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2002 — Memorial to the Victims. France Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2002 — Zephyrs (installation). France Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2004 — Guria and relapses. Guelman Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2004 — Distance. The State Tretyakov Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2004 — Tomorrow. France Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2004 — Malika, Shut the Door. Installation. S'Art. Moscow, Russia

2004 — Case on the roadside, or examination on roads. Guelman Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2005 — Chronicles. Reflex Gallery, ArtStrelka. Moscow, Russia

2005 — 19:45. S’Art (Peter Voice Gallery). Moscow, Russia

2006 — Dead calmness (installation). Lightbox Gallery. New York, the USA

2006 — Rebels (in collaboration with Erbol Meldibekov). Galerie Volker Diehl. Berlin, Germany

2006 — Private emotions. Marat Guelman Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2016 — Psy. Regina Gallery, Winzavod. Moscow, Russia

2010 — Chechen Women's Team of Parachute Jumping. Guelman Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2012 — Rain Theorem. Regina Gallery. Winzavod. Moscow, Russia

2013 — Grey days. Bright dreams. Regina Gallery, Winzavod. Moscow, Russia

2015 — Audience. Regina Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2017 — Ural Industrial Biennal of Contemporary Art. Ekaterinburg, Russia