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Ilya Gaponov

Ilya Gaponov

1981, Kemerovo

In 2001 graduated from the Kemerovo School of Fine Arts (faculty of Painting and pedagogic), in 2004 he graduated from the National School of Fine Arts (Vincent BARRE course, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris). In 2007 Ilya finished his study at Mukhina Academy in Saint Petersburg (Faculty of monumental and decorative painting, course of Professor O. I. Kuznetsov).

Lives and works in Saint Petersburg.

Photos of the works are provided by the artist.

Selected Exhibitions

2006 — Altar/Category 5. Yakut Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2006 — Synthetic cults. Navicula Artis Gallery. Saint Petersburg, Russia

2007 — Kuzbas Parallel. Triumph Gallery. Moscow, Russia

2008 — UNDER GROUND. Small hall of the Central exhibition hall Manege. Saint Petersburg, Russia

2010 — The Summer Snow. Blois, France

2010 — The First Snow. Marseille, France

2012 — Undiscerning Appetites. Erarta Gallery. London, the UK

2012 — The Throne of Thyatira. Name Gallery. Saint Petersburg, Russia

2013 — The Wasteland of Soils. Name Gallery. Saint Petersburg, Russia

2013 — The First Snow. Bourge, France

2014 — The Throne of Thyatira. Joseph Fine Art Gallery. Prague, the Czech Republic

2017 — Nepokorennye Prospect. In terms of the Parallel Program of the 7th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art. Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Moscow, Russia


2000 — Project of the Year, prize for the best work in the category Young Artists. Kemerovo, Russia


2009 — Europe Art Fair. Genève, Switzerland

2007 — Triumph Gallery stand. Moscow, Russia