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The fifth anniversary publication of the annual art rating 49ART took place

29 April 2021

The fifth anniversary publication of the annual art rating 49ART took place.

49ART presents outstanding contemporary Russian artists under the age of 50, whose work has been highly appreciated by the expert community.

Over the five - year history of publications, more than 20 leading experts on contemporary Russian fine art-employees of the Russian Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Hermitage, and other leading museums of the country, art historians, curators, and gallery owners-took part in the ranking.

The art rating 49ART-2021 includes seven new names for the rating-Konstantin Benkovich, Evgenia Buravleva, Alexandra Garth, Jan Ginzburg, Alina Glazun, Ekaterina Muromtseva, Denis Patrakeev.

In total, the rating of 49ART-2021 includes 69 talented Russian authors and collectives.

For five years of publications, 49ART art rating has been awarded to 79 outstanding contemporary Russian artists.

Currently, the art rating 49ART is the only Russian art rating of outstanding Russian artists of the young and middle generations, formed on the basis of assessments of leading experts, published in the open access.

The 49ART art rating has been published since 2017. The project is carried out by the non-profit organization Art Projects AQ. Within the framework of the project, annual non-commercial art ratings are formed: the Russian investment art rating 49ART, the all-Russian people's art rating of young authors I LIKE, as well as the list of the Best Contemporary Artists in Russia (ARTEEX). The project's ratings are among the most authoritative and recognized open ratings presented in the field of contemporary Russian fine art.

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