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Rating 49ART-2020 is published

28 April 2020

The victory of 49 ART ended the confrontation between the CAVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and one of the leading Russian art ratings of contemporary art-the Russian investment art rating.

Despite the global restrictions on social activity caused by the pandemic, the traditional April publication of the annual art rating 49ART took place.

49ART represents outstanding contemporary Russian artists under the age of 50, whose work has been highly evaluated by the expert community.
According to the organizers of the art rating, its creation this year took place in extremely difficult conditions, because culture is one of the nine areas of activity recognized as the most affected by the coronavirus epidemic.

In the current difficult realities for the art world, the best experts – employees of the Russian Museum, the Tretyakov gallery, the Hermitage, and other leading museums in the country, art historians, curators, and gallery owners-worked to create the rating.

The result of their dedicated work was the list of 49ART-2020, which included 64 talented Russian authors. Among them are five new names for the rating-Dmitry Venkov,:: vtol:: (Dmitry Morozov), Irina Drozd, Yegor Kraft, Anastasia Potemkina.

Art event - the release of the rating 49ART-2020-is another confirmation of the inability of true values to immediate difficulties, no matter how global they are. And we have to wait until the end of the quarantine to take advantage of the opportunity to personally enjoy the work of the best Russian contemporary artists. Until then, the doors are always open for online tours of art museums and art galleries.

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