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Alexandra Staruseva-Persheeva

Alexandra Staruseva-Persheeva

t.o.b. Moscow

“In order to be a contemporary artist, this long-term preparation is not even necessary now ... first, you need to have a good understanding of the discourse, that is, the meanings with which contemporary art works. This time. And the second one. Need inner freedom. What is needed is the ability to draw from oneself the very creativity that Joseph Beuys talked about, then what every person is endowed with. Here is this ability to understand, to feel both ourselves and the world around us, to correlate form and content ... ”(A. Staruseva-Persheeva, interview, PostScience, 06.06.2019).

“Today the artist’s task is not only beautiful, good, powerful depicting anything, it’s also the ability to control all the meanings that can appear in this work. And it’s very clear to weigh what you really want to invest there, what people will see there, and try to focus on these details ”(A. Staruseva-Persheeva, interview, PostScience, 06/06/2019).


Associate Professor, Faculty of communications, media and design, HSE School of design, Ph.D. in history of Arts, researcher, film director.

Alexandra Staruseva-Persheeva - a specialist in semiotics and the general theory of art, is the coordinator of educational areas at the School of Design of the Higher School of Economics “Cinema and Video Art”, “History and Theory of Art”, co-author of popular online courses on art and design (over 100 thousand students ); worked in a team Arseny Meshcheryakova to create an album dedicated to the "visual study" of Russian art of the twentieth century, - “ Russia. 20th Century ”; author of The Age of Vermeer. The mysterious genius of Baroque and the dawn of modern times. "

Education and professional activities:

Ph.D. in History of Arts.

Moscow state University, faculty of arts, specialty "Fine arts".

Higher directing courses of the VGIK named after S. A. Gerasimov. Specialty: Director of feature films.

Institute of contemporary art problems (IPSI).

Associate Professor, Faculty of communications, media and design, HSE School of design

Member of the Expert Council of the Russian investment art rating 49ART since 2020.