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Elena Kuprina-Lyakhovich

Elena Kuprina-Lyakhovich


«The work of art lives longer than us, and if you are engaged in it for a long time, you eventually become a part of its biography. It is not yours, but you belong to it. Your task is to stay near it, take care of it, and at some point you cease to belong to yourself, following the interests of only the works for which you are responsible» (Elena Kuprina-Lyakhovich, Colta)

«If I am asked today what the ideal collection of art in Russia should be, I will answer that it should consist 70-80% of national art works and 20-30% of foreign ones. And foreign works should be of the top quality. Why? Everything is very simple and cynical. If the collection contains unique works by famous world stars, it will inevitably be in the spotlight of recognized western experts who will also get acquainted with the national art » (Elena Kuprina-Lyakhovich .Monolog. ArtGuide)

«I am extremely interested in fine arts, because, in my opinion, it is primary among other areas in culture. In order to express his idea, the artist applies only visual means, which do not require translation and are clear for everyone. I am convinced that the artist always translates the present time. However, any real art should not be divided into old and contemporary one. Leonardo da Vinci and Picasso can’t be called antiques » (Elena Kuprina: “One of the main goals is to create a fashion for contemporary art”. Http://izvestiaur.ru)

Curator and organizer of art exhibitions, private collections consultant, founder and director of EK ArtBuro.

Elena Kuprina-Lyakhovich is a graduate of the first set of the famous Moscow School of Curators created by Victor Misiano.

Curated more than 150 personal and group exhibitions. One of the most important of her projects is the exhibition "Field of Action. Moscow conceptual school and its context. 70th - 80th years of the twentieth century " which took place in 2010 in the Cultural Foundation" Ekaterina", Moscow. In 2014 she acted as curator-tutor of the exhibition of young artists "Moscow Tells", and in 2016 of a youth exhibition "Izhevsk Tells".

Member of the Supervisory Board of the III and IV sessions of the Competition "Factory Workshops", organized by CTI "Fabrika".

In 1991 she founded the gallery EKArtBuro. Since 2015 she works as the director of the National Museum of Mani (Moscow Archives of New Art) and also advises several art collections.

The publisher of the youth portal on ArtUzel, the founder of the online school MosArtSchool.

Selected projects:

2006 — "Caution: Glass". The Pushkin State Museum of Art. Moscow, Russia

2009 — "Interpretation of the object in the Moscow Conceptual School". Fabrica Project. Moscow, Russia

2010 — "Field of action. Moscow conceptual school and its context. 70th - 80th years of the twentieth century ". Cultural Foundation "Ekaterina". Moscow, Russia

2011 — "Five MANI Folders: Experience of Modeling Cultural Space". Cultural Foundation "Ekaterina". Moscow, Russia

2011 — "Field of Action. The Moscow Contemporary School in Context. " Special adaptation for Calvert 22. London, the UK

2014 — "Moscow tells. Exhibition of young artists». Cultural Foundation "Ekaterina". Moscow, Russia

Awards and titles:

Nominee of the VI All-Russian Contest in the Field of Contemporary Art "INNOVATION", nomination "Curatorial Project" (together with Alexandra Danilova)

Education and professional activities:

Graduated from the Moscow School of Curators.

Director and founder of the ANO "EK ArtBuro."

Director of Mani Museum.

Member of the Expert Council of the Russian investment art rating 49ART.