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Andrey Parshikov

Andrey Parshikov

1985, Podolsk

«I am a strong supporter of the curatorial dictate. Because it is the curator who is ethically responsible for an exhibition » (Andrey Parshikov, “Moscow Art Magazine”)

«The fact that collectors have left the country is not a problem, the problem is that the new ones do not appear ... The lack of noncommercial locations is not a problem, what is the problem - is that people don’t visit museums of contemporary art ... and the lessons of the world art culture (arts and cultural education) are not always included in the school curriculum. The problem lies not in the financial crisis itself, but in high prices, that haven’t come down, so the price segment "up to 5000 $" (The Russian acronym, meaning conditional currency unit) is still something exotic, and “up to 2000 $” is a kind of nonsense. Sometimes prices in the Russian galleries are way higher than the world prices... And finally the problem is not in the galleries that can’t conduct united policies, but in the entire art system, that is unable to clearly define its requirements and achieve its realization» (Andrey Parshikov, OpenSpace.ru)


The Head of Scientific-Methodical Department of the Exhibition Association “Manege”, an art historian, curator, an art critic.

 Andrey Parshikov is the one of the most perspective curators on the Russian contemporary art scene. As a curator he has supervised around 30 exhibitions in Russia, an also in the United States and Europe. Andrey collaborated with the “XL Gallery” and the “GMG Gallery”. In 2006 Parshikov took part in such festivals  as “Linoleum” and “Pusto”. And in the same year the “Contemporary City Foundation” invited Andrey to join the team as a curator of a series of exhibitions, which was closed by a project at the “Moscow Museum of Modern Art” during the Moscow Biennale. Within the framework of cooperation with the foundation, Parshikov has created the program “Ultra-New Materiality”, such projects as “The FQ-test”, "The Afghan-Kuzminki” and many others.

From 2012 to 2015 he supervised the exhibition program of the MUZEON Park of Arts, where he presented the project “Go West!”, which reflects the problems of the emigration through the eyes of young artists.

He has lectured in The British Higher School of Art and Design, the Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art, the Moscow Center for Gender Studies, the Russian State University for the Humanities and the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki. His articles were published in “The Springerin magazine”, “The Manifesta Journal”, “The Moscow Art Magazine”, “ArtChronika” magazine an “Openspace.ru” web-site.

Andrey Parshikov was appointed the Head of Scientific-Methodical Department of the Exhibition Association “Manege” in 2015.

Selected projects:

2006 — “Linoleum” festival, exhibitor.

2006 — “Pusto” festival, PR-director.

2008 — “Great Repression” exhibition. White Box Gallery, New York and SB Gallery, Paris. Curator.

2009 — A special project within the framework of the 3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art the “Ultra-New Materiality”. Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow. Curator.

2010 — “FQ-Test” exhibition. GMG Gallery, Moscow. Curator.

2012 — “Underneath the Street, the Beach” exhibition. Fondazione Sandretto Re-Rebaudengo, Turin, Italy. Curator.

2012 — “We Have Nothing that is Ours Except Time” exhibition. Central Park, Vienna. Curator.

2013 — “Take a look at yourself, who do you look like!”, Samara, “Victoria Gallery”. Curator

2015 — “Being present in the city is clearly and invisibly”. Moscow, Curator

2015 — “A Rose Has Teeth in a Mouth of a Beast”. APALAZZO Gallery, Brescia,Italy. Curator

2016 — “Intimate capital” exhibition. Moscow. Curator.

Education and professional activities:

Graduated from the Russian State University for the Humanities, History of Arts faculty in 2002.

Completed Maria Lind and Juan A. Gaitán course in Salzburg Academy.

“Contemporary City Foundation”. Curator from 2006 to 2012.

MUZEON Park of Arts. Exhibition program curator from 2012 to 2015

The Head of Scientific-Methodical Department of the Exhibition Association “Manege” since 2015.

Member of the Expert Council of the Russian investment art rating 49ART 2017, 2018.