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Marina Gisich

Marina Gisich

t.o.b. Leningrad

«I'm trying to show people that the normal practice for European is to be surrounded by pieces of art, created by contemporaries. Living next to these pictures is a great pleasure. They delight my eye and children are educated having them around...» (Marina Gisich, Sobaka.ru)

«Contemporary art is not that simple and public friendly as it used to be and it demands knowledgeable audience. It keeps going ahead, away from people who want to grasp the idea of it. So it takes constant self-education to comprehend modern art. And this is the positive trade of art. When the attractiveness and simplicity move to the background and a new beaut, intelligence and multilevel perception come to the foreground. Art should be divided into entertaining one and the one that challenges you, demanding deep knowledge and perception. I'm against entertainment in art. There is a constant struggle under way, the struggle between the desire to catch the public eye and the craving for being relevant, so it is crucial to find a balance of interaction between the audience and the gallery or the museum» (Marina Gisich, FASHION LOVERS)


The Director and the founder of “Marina Gisich Gallery”.

Marina Gisich is the founder and the owner of the one of the most influential Russian galleries (the only gallery in Saint Petersburg listed in the Top 500 of the best galleries in the world according to ARTINFO). Since the beginning it has exhibited such iconic contemporary artists as Kerim Ragimov, Evgeny Yufit, Peter Belyi, Gleb Bogomolov, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Gregory Maiofis. For the “Anonymous Portraits” by Bogomolov exhibition in 2002 Marina was awarded with the “Petropol Prize”.

Marina Gisich is actively engaged in promotion of contemporary art and the works of the younger generation artists. The gallery collaborates with major Russian and European museums, foundations and other exhibition venues (the State Russian Museum, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Multimedia Art Museum, the New Museum of Contemporary Art in Saint Petersburg, the Moscow Museum, Waino Aaltonen Museum). One of the most striking projects was the group exhibition “Crystallizations. Contemporary art from Saint Petersburg” in the Waino Aaltonen Museum, Finland.

The Gallery participated in the following international art fairs: ARCO Madrid, Spain; Volta NY, USA; Art Miami, USA; Art Paris, France; Vienna Fair, Austria; Istanbul Contemporary, Turkey; Cosmoscow, Russia.

From 2009 to 2013 Marina was the designer and a curator of the Ural Vision Gallery, the first major contemporary art center in Yekaterinburg.

Marina Gisich also plans to create an experimental educational program for children dedicated to contemporary art.

Selected projects:

2001 — Kerim Ragimov. “Sweet dreams are made of this”.

2003 — Peter Belyi. “Head of the Artist”.

2003 — Kerim Ragimov. “ROADOFF”.

2004 — Gregory Maiofis. “Selected works”.

2005 — Kerim Ragimov. “Human project. Portraits”

2006 — Peter Belyi. “Circle 2”.

2006 — Vladimir Kustov. Retrospective. Painting. 1987-2006.

2006 — Gregory Maiofis. “Recent Works”.

2007 — Peter Belyi. MEMORIAL MODELING

2008 — Vitaliy Pushnitsky. “Birth Date”.

2008 — Marina Alexeeva. “Residence Permit”.

2008 — Peter Belyi. “The Library of Pinocchio”.

2010 — Valeria Matveyeva-Nibiru. “Sisters in Mind”.

2010 — Evgeny Yufit. Personal exhibition.

2010 — Anna Zholud. “Hummer”.

2010 — Maxwell Snow “It’s only castles burning”.

2012 — Kirill Chelushkin “One good thing”.

2012 — Dmitry Gretsky and Evgeniya Kats. “Borderline”.

2012 — Marina Alexeeva. “Lifeboxes”.

2012 — Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov. “Inventions”.

2012 — Anna and Aleksey Gan. “Places. 1”.

2013 — Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai. “12 sounds of the human body”.

2013 — Peter Belyi. “Course”.

2013 — Vitaliy Pushnitsky. “Postponed matters”

2014 — Evgeniya Kats and Dmitry Gretsky . “Terracotta worriers”

2014 — Vladimir Kustov. “64 +”.

2014 — Art group Parazit. “Venice Salvation”.

2014 — Collobaration of Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art (Turku, Finland) и Marina Gisich Gallery. Artists: Marina Alexeeva, Tanya Akhmetgalieva, Peter Belyi, Anna and Alexey Gan, Dmitry Gretsky and Evgeniya Katz, Anna Zholud, Nadya Zubareva, Vladimir Kustov, Gregory Maiofis, Igor Pestov, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Kerim Ragimov, Kirill Chelushkin, Evgeniy Yufit “Crystallizations. Contemporary art from Saint Petersburg” in the Waino Aaltonen Museum, Finland

2014 — Kerim Ragimov. “Human project”.

2014 — Tatiana Akhmetgalieva. “Allergy to dust”.

2014 — Tim Parchikov. “Trench”

2015 — Ivan Gorshkov. “Chrystal boots”.

2015 — Ivan Tuzov. “Unvirtualization/Remake”.

2015 — Semyon Motolyanets. “Big paintings splve big problems”.

2015 — Alexander Morozov. “Cosa Mentale”.

2015 — Marina Alexeeva and Boris Kazakov.”In common”.

2015 — 15th Anniversary of the Marina Gisich Gallery. “Provenance”.

2016 — Vitaly Pushnitsky. “Waiting”

2016 — Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov. “Time Keeping”

2016 — Kirill Chelushkin. “A happy man”.

2016 — Tim Parchikov. “Evidential paradigm”.

Awards and titles:

Laureate of the “Petropol Prize” for the “Exhibition of Gleb Bogomolov” project in 2002.

Education and professional activities:

Graduated from the Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health,

St. Petersburg in 1991.

Worked as a freelance art dealer from 1998 to 2000.

Founded the “Marina Gisich Galler” in 2000.

Member of the Expert Council of the Russian investment art rating 49ART 2017-2019.