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Yuri Omelchenko

Yuri Omelchenko

1995, Moscow

"People are afraid to invest in art, considering it not a very liquid asset and, if necessary, it is difficult to sell it, even for the same price. But if you approach this issue wisely and structurally, know from whom, what and how to buy, then, of course, this is a very profitable investment. In addition, it is an investment in culture and in the creative economy of your country, which is absolutely priceless." (Yuri Omelchenko, maevka27.com ).

"The market has great prospects, and it has definitely changed a lot. At least, before my eyes for four years, including in the activities of the ARTPatrol project. A huge number of our acquaintances and friends began to collect contemporary art. This is a good trend. I think this percentage will only increase. Now even more in connection with the current events. Therefore, love art, subscribe to ARTPatrol and be happy." (Yuri Omelchenko, maevka27.com ).

"Art cannot be made to love, but it can be interesting. Not everyone has to write scary texts for exhibitions that you read – and you don't even want to go to the museum anymore. But it is important to get in touch with art." (Yuri Omelchenko, thesymbol.ru ).

Yuri Omelchenko – co-founder of Omelchenko Gallery, creator and presenter of all-Russian educational projects about art ARTPatrol, #ArtPatrulNaKarantine; co-organizer (together with the CSI "Radiance" (Apatity), with the support of Andrey Malakhov, Omelchenko Gallery) of the All-Russian competition of artists ARTPatrulNaSever.